I teach photography workshops through BugShot, a collaborative venture initiated by myself and other leading insect photographers. Visit the BugShot website for more details.

I also offer personalized lessons, field tours, short presentations, and other activities. [rates and details]

Upcoming events & appearances:


Please contact Alex (alwild [at] with questions, or if you’d like to arrange a private session or a public talk.

(photo by Crystal Ernst)

4 thoughts on “Workshops”

  1. Hi Alex, I am an wild life artist and love to have your permissions for a copy rights to have 1 or 2 of your beautiful images to be drawn for the winter ants ( Prenolepis Imparis )…
    Please reply me and let me know.
    Many Thanks….

  2. i have been wanting to start a colony of ants at my home but havent been able to find any queens looking to get one or two to start for free can anyone help with that

  3. Hi, I am wondering if you have any suggestions for my 10 year old son who is raising his own ant colony. He has his first worker and he is very excited and I am unsure how to support him, as don’t know much about Ants. Any resources? Also, are there any museums or places he can go to learn more? Thanks! Jessica

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