Monday Night Mystery: A Hairy Situation

Tonight’s mystery is an extremely close look at somebody’s fur coat:

Nice try spidey, but I am not giving you any information here.


Which of the organisms below is the one depicted at high magnification in the micrograph?



The first person to pick the correct species from the list gets 5 points for the number, and 5 for the genus. Each person is allowed only one guess. The cumulative points winner for the month of March will win their choice of:

1) A guest post here on Myrmecos
2) Any 8×10 print from my insect photography galleries
3) A myrmecos t-shirt

Good luck!


16 thoughts on “Monday Night Mystery: A Hairy Situation”

    1. I just realized that 5 wasn’t the only spider… Should have checked once more! My genus guess is Loxosceles.

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