Tuesday Night Mystery: Test the Pest Chart

Extermination company websites often host a “pest library” to help customers identify their problem. But how useful are these guides?

For tonight’s challenge, you will match a series of ants from Terminix’s pest library to photographs of their real-world counterparts scaled to size.

Mystery_ants1Each pair is worth one point for the first person to correctly match it, for 10 total points, and the cumulative points winner for the month of January will win their choice of:

1) A guest post here on Myrmecos
2) Any 8×10 print from my insect photography galleries
3) A myrmecos t-shirt

Good luck!

[Note: my reproduction of the Terminix pest ant images is intended as editorial commentary on the taxonomic accuracy of the images, and as such is Fair Use under U.S. copyright law.]

15 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Mystery: Test the Pest Chart”

    1. … and if you let me shoot for extra credit, 1 = Tapinoma sessile, 2 = Solenopsis invicta, 3 = Monomorium pharaonis, 4 = Pogonomyrmex sp. (E Coast: badius, W Coast: californicus), 5 = Monomorium sp. (W Coast: ergatogyna), 6 = Solenopsis molesta, 7 = Dorymyrmex insanus, 8 = Camponotus something (err, sp.), 9 = Lasius sp., 10 = Formica fusca group. 9 and 10 were especially difficult because the drawing for 10 is bizarre, but with a general sense of “beginner ant IDs” the Lasius would be differentiable based on the “hairiness.”

    1. Well now that I have checked the Terminix page and seen what they think their drawings represent….

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