This is the adorable reason why Myrmecos Blog has been slow



Helena is four months old today. Mrs. Myrmecos and I have been working from home while taking care of the little munchkin. I love that my current self-employment translates to plenty of time with my daughter, no groveling for paternity leave, and no pressing need to find external childcare. In a country whose work environments typically treat parenthood like leprosy, we are indeed fortunate.

Still, I have only taken about six new photographs of insects since Helena arrived, and as you may have noticed the blogging has also been sparse. As Mrs. Myrmecos also has a dissertation to write, we’re moving ahead this week with interviews of prospective nannies. With any luck, we’ll find the right person and I’ll return to a more reasonable level of posting.

Carry on.

The Little Dictator

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  1. Congratulations on your adorable new micro human. From an entomologist’s perspective their metamorphosis may seem simple, but I assure you from experience that it is wonderfully complex.

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