Answer to the Monday Mystery: Eggs of the Blue Morpho

Monday’s Magical Mystery Blobs? They are the eggs of this species:

Morpho peleides, photographed at the Green Hills Butterfly Ranch in Belize.

Hard to believe, but I think the eggs are even more spectacular that the butterfly that made them.

5 points each to David and to Rodolfo for being the first to genus and species, respectively.

Morpho peleides

5 thoughts on “Answer to the Monday Mystery: Eggs of the Blue Morpho”

  1. It looks like the egg shells are rather transparent, allowing one to see the developing embryo and hatching larva inside. In your first picture I can make out what are probably the segmented ‘germ bands’ of some of the embryos. This summer I raised a batch of Citheronia regalis (hickory horned devil) eggs, which are also transparent. It was cool to see the stages of development.

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