6 thoughts on “A small cultural observation…”

  1. To google’s credit, they did put ‘firefly insect’ in its own suggested category (which is actually fairly relevant when you visit it) and put that first before the TV show. However, its clear that marketing (viral or otherwise) real fireflies isn’t up to competing with the entertainment industry.

  2. Yahoo! lists the TV show first and second, and the insect comes up third. I think these things depend more on frequencies of what links people are clicking on.

  3. I think this reflects modern society where people have abandoned traditional activities to watch TV shows. They never go outdoors anymore to see real fireflies.

  4. perhaps it’s simply because the entire world calls joss whedon’s “firefly” by its (only) name, while in the eastern states most of us call the insects “lightening bugs” and other countries likely use their own language to name the buggers… 🙂

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