Answer to the Monday Mystery

What was the dashingly slender insect with the yellow wingtips?

Trypherus sp. yellow spotted soldier beetle, Illinois

The correct answers were:

1. adult
2. elytra elytron
3. Coleoptera
4. Cantharidae
5. Trypherus

All ten points go to Guillaume D. for getting there first. I’m also giving a bonus point each to Meredith and Josh for sharing their photographs of this animal.

2 thoughts on “Answer to the Monday Mystery”

  1. “What is the name of the structure with the bright yellow tips?”

    Tsk, tsk, very inexact of you. ‘The name of the structure’ is elytron (if you had pluralized structure, then elytra would have been right), but I do wonder if anyone knows this any longer? I don’t think I’ve heard a student use aught but ‘larvae’ for a single larva for years. Anyway, I’m denoting one point from your total in my blog appreciation score for the month.

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