Monday Night Mystery: Take the Test

Tonight’s challenge: how would you do on the University of Illinois’ IB 109 “Insects & People” final exam?

1. The nutrition label on a popular candy contains the ingredient “confectioner’s glaze”. What insect was involved in producing this glaze?
a. cochineal
b. honey bee
c. lac scale
d. manna scale

2. Reverend L.L. Langstroth’s invention of the modern beehive in the 1850’s stemmed from what observation?
a. reinforced combs could be harvested in a centrifugal honey extractor
b. bees always leave a 3/8 inch space open between combs
c. swarming bees are gentle and do not sting
d. smoke calms bees

3. Which of the following animals does NOT have chelicerae?
a. millipede
b. dog tick
c. bark scorpion
d. tarantula

4. The Philistine god “Lord of the flies,” who later became associated with the Christian devil, was known as
a. Satan
b. Baalzebub
c. Voldemort
d. Lucifer

5. What do booklice eat?
a. book bindings
b. mildew
c. paper
d. adjectives

6. Ekbom syndrome is another name for:
a. Arachnophobia
b. Lyme disease
c. scabies
d. delusory parsitosis

7. What is the name of North America’s first and largest non-profit insect conservation organization?
a. Xerces Society
b. Entomological Society of America
c. The John Forbes Insect Trust
d. Karner Blue Foundation

8. What is a likely explanation for why the marijuana plant Cannabis makes THC, its infamous active ingredient?
a. to help the plant photosynthesize
b. to attract pollinators to the buds
c. to attract parasitoids
d. to protect the plant against herbivorous insects

9. Which of the following insect introductions was intentional?
a. Solenopsis invicta
b. Blattella germanica
c. Aedes aegypti
d. Harmonia axyridis

10. Termites are most closely related to:
a. dragonflies
b. crickets
c. cockroaches
d. ants

These are excerpted from the 200 point final exam given last year. Each question is worth 1 point, and points will be award only to the first correct answer per question.

The cumulative points winner across all mysteries for the month of April will win their choice of 1) any 8×10-sized print from my insect photography galleries, or 2) a guest post here on Myrmecos.

Good luck!

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