What’s different?

While I write up the answer to Monday’s Mystery Exam (yes, I’m super-slow this week. I know), here’s another mini-mystery for you:

I took this photograph minutes ago, yet I’d never otherwise pick it as one of mine. What about this shot is different from my usual work?

11 thoughts on “What’s different?”

  1. This has bad diffusion, and a ring flash.
    Also, you generally try to take a photo at subject height, not above.
    Finally, the subject is dead center here, which you also often avoid.

  2. You never have any version of “red eye” in your published photos. Which is to say, as a total photo imbecile, there isn’t any light b.s in your work. This has wonkiness with the flash over-riding the subject. (Apologies & a sincere conviction you can translate!)

  3. 1. Lighting is reflecting directly off the shiny bug. Typically your work bounces and diffuses showing greater detail even within a shiny surface.

    2. There is a lot of areas not in focus. Typically your shots are really crisp. If there is some blur, its usually on purpose and add to the overall composition.

    3. While have seen some overhead shots, your ‘sweetspot’ is showing the critters in their environments and at their level.

  4. Without having looked at the other comments:
    1. You’re shooting top-down, while you normally shoot laterally, or at an oblique angle.

    2. You usually have more than 2 layers of depth (unless you’re doing a straight taxonomic insect-on-a-white-posterboard shot)

    3. You usually diffuse your flash(es).

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