Ant Course 2013: August 4-15, Peru

The California Academy of Science’s 2013 Ant Course has been announced! Click on the banner below for details.

I have participated in several of these over the past decade, and they are unfailingly a worthwhile mix of learning and fun.


2 thoughts on “Ant Course 2013: August 4-15, Peru”

  1. Do you have any information about how much the course costs? I’m thinking of applying, but I’ll have to fly all the way from merry old England and I might need to scrape a load of cash together just to get there.

    1. Hi Dan. The course is subsidized by various organizations, so the enrollment cost per student is usually pretty low (a few hundred $, I think). One other complication is that students are expected to bring their own microscopes.

      Competition for the 30 student spots can be tight, with some years having nearly 3x as many applicants as spaces.

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