4 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: Wasps are Bastards”

      1. I second the bees are goofy!
        And I second the “ants are stinky” and I might add “ants are yucky” — ever stick an Apheanogaster in your mouth? Or just about any of the Dolichoderines? 😛

        1. Stinky and yucky are just too broadly applied here. Aphaenogaster rudis smells much better than it tastes, like grape soda. (I wonder if the more expensive ones smell like sparkling grape juice???) Formicines are usually tangy and tart, but Prenolepis imparis is more earthy, and Nylanderia phantasma (uniquely, in my experience of ant sniffing) has hints of rose.

          But I digress. Wasps aren’t bastards; They’re just “old school”.

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