When Science Media Becomes a Parody of Itself

The actual first sentence of an actual science news story at treehugger:

Gizmodo points us to an interesting post at Chem.info about a study that indicates that the increased levels of nitrogen in the air due to the burning of fossil fuels is dramatically altering the behavior of some carnivorous plants.

At this point in the game of science media telephone, why even bother reading?

2 thoughts on “When Science Media Becomes a Parody of Itself”

  1. Dramatically altering the “behavior” of some carnivorous plants… are they becoming ruder?

    But yeah the way they just tell you who they got their info from right in the first paragraph like that makes me want to read those sources instead.

  2. The facts are more or less accurate; the contorted writing is the problem.

    @ MrILoveTheAnts
    Since carnivorous plants DO perform actions (spring traps, move sticky hairs), they DO have behaviors that can be characterized. [ behavior = the aggregate of responses to internal and external stimuli. ]

    This relationship between carnivorous plant and fertilization is well known and has been reported before … nothing especially new here.

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