Sunday Night Movie: An Ant Beetle

A short natural history video by French naturalist Vincent Lefebvre:

This little Claviger beetle is a parasite of ant nests, tricking adults and larvae into regurgitating food for it. In spite of their freeloading behavior, notice how attractive the ants find the beetle, even in the chaotic conditions of a nest disturbed by the videographer.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: An Ant Beetle”

  1. Are the dense, golden setae that line the posterior elytral margins glandular? Involved in producing some kind of appeasement/attraction odour or substance? It seems this is the region the ants are paying the most attention to with their antennae and mouthparts. . .

    1. edit: have just watched the video without sound, so this may be a question addressed in the commentary. Hope it’s not! Or that it is, depending on which direction I look at this.

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