Sunday Night Movie: A Very Young David Attenborough

David Attenborough as a spritely young man, believe it or not:

Of course, the “vast, unbroken forest” that once extended from Paraguay to the Amazon has long since been plowed under for industrial soy production.

(From Zoo Quest: Paraguay [1959])

5 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: A Very Young David Attenborough”

  1. Amazing to see think of the changes (read: devastation) David has witnessed during his life. My dad is 86, and when he was a boy, the horse used to bring the ice wagon around in Toronto so you could get ice for your icebox (freezer). Now we fly to Paraguay like it ain’t no thang.

    But perhaps we will witness greater changes: the end of the greatest period of exploitation in human history (a 200-year fossil fuel binge), and nuclear war.

  2. I recently read David Attenborough’s autobiography, in which he speaks a lot about his time working on zoo quest. It was awesome to get to watch an actual clip from that show — thanks!!!

  3. David Attenborough is a living legacy that has educated generations to the wonders of science and nature. And of course he was young and spritely-rather ageist caption.

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