Shutter failure on the Canon 7D

Well, crud.

After 18 months and over 100,000 exposures, the shutter on my Canon EOS 7D has failed. If you haven’t seen a dying shutter, here’s a sample from my faltering camera:

Lower shutter doesn't get out of the way fast enough.
Again, the lower shutter is sticky and underexposes the lower half of the sensor.
The whole shutter is sticky- especially the lower part- and the entire image is underexposed. Note the horizontal banding.

I’m more curious than bothered by the failure. The factory service center will swap out the broken part for a fraction of the cost of a new machine, and my backup 50D will serve just fine for anything I need to shoot in the next couple weeks. I was already around the 150K exposure life expectancy of the 7D’s shutter anyway (no thanks to this photo).

7 thoughts on “Shutter failure on the Canon 7D”

  1. Over 100,000 exposures in 18 months is good use of the camera. That should be applauded. 🙂 Failing before the life expectancy of the shutter must be a little annoying though. Here’s hoping for a speedy fix.

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