7 thoughts on “Hitching a ride”

  1. That the ant can carry a leaf bit that size is impressive enough, but carrying the leaf and one or two sisters on board? That seems like showboating.

    Although, I guess you do what you must to avoid being decapitated by parasitic flies, huh?

      1. Now, I don’t know for sure about this ant and its environment, but I’ve read that the hitchhikers on the leaf protect the leaf carrier from parasitic flies that like to drop down on them while their mouths are full, and kill them. And I seem to recall decapitation being the mode of death.

        1. Robert, I have read the same thing too.

          But I recall a post by alex about Cephalotes varians and how sometimes, one worker carries another when moving in the colony, presumably to save energy.

          msybe there are a lot of reasons for hitch hiking

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