A dispatch from the equator

Astute observers of Myrmecos blog may recognize that my posting in the last month has dropped to less than half the usual pace. What´s going on?

I am typing this entry from a little internet cafe in the charming Amazonian town of Tena, Ecuador. Temperature 80º; humidity 100%; ants 110%.

I´ve been in Ecuador since late December. The blog has been on autopilot, dutifully posting pre-scheduled tidbits that I wrote before I left. I´ve been checking in regularly and reading all your comments, although I haven´t always found the time to reply.

The good news is that I´ve assembled a massive lineup of new insect photos. With any luck, the torrent of incoming tropical content will compensate for the paucity of the last few weeks.

8 thoughts on “A dispatch from the equator”

    1. Oddly, I`m not doing any of my own research this trip. Other than unsuccessfully looking for Simopelta, that is. Rather, I´m assisting Jo-anne in her collections of Linepithema for a study of colony structure evolution across closely related species.

  1. I’m so sorry that you’re in Ecuador! It’s so full of um… infectious diseases… and, uh, that horrifically balmy weather. C’mon, it’s only got an extremely species-rich rainforest.

    Too bad you aren’t in the states right now, where you’re missing so much amazing stuff, such as, uh… Sarah Palin! And the cold here is so… awesome! And cool!

  2. Im in Quito right now, last night in Ecuador… not looking forward to weather in the northeast US! Ill send you those pictures from Yanayacu once I get back 🙂 Cant wait to see all your photography from the trip!

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