Signs of impending doom

A Google News search for “Ants”, just now :

Yes, that is an order of magnitude more media coverage for a reality TV show.

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  1. (NaturalNews) When television was introduced in the first half of the 1900s, it was heralded as a breakthrough that would inspire, educate and uplift human civilization. Educational programs and useful knowledge could be cheaply and efficiently broadcast to people everywhere. The FCC even required television stations to run news programming without commercials as a trade-off for being granted broadcast space in the electromagnetic spectrum. This TV news, it was thought, was the broadcast station’s obligation to the betterment of society.

    Those were the humble and well-intentioned beginnings of television, a game-changing disruptive technology that we now know has actually dumbed-down our population while becoming a source of advertising and idiotic entertainment. Far from enlightening human civilization, television has arguably enslaved it, luring the population into a downward spiral of consumerism, debt, and mainstream stupidity.

    While educational television programming may still be found through such organizations as Nova, the BBC, The Learning Channel, Discovery and notable others, the bulk of television programming available today is an insult to human intelligence, and it only contributes to the collapse of meaningful discourse — a fact that becomes grossly obvious during every political election campaign.

  2. Sad.
    Even sadder is a Google News search for my research subject, nemertean worms: no results. 🙁
    From my perspective 16 articles is something to brag about!

  3. Politicians bash wasteful spending on basic research, but not vulgar IQ-lowering reality shows? Oh, but it creates more jobs. Duh.

  4. I can’t stand it when Google News pop up with worthless, trashy celebrity news instead of informative news about world politics.

    thsi is why I only read alternative news websites.

  5. LOL

    have you ever considered what do the other 1+ million animal species sharing the planet spend THEIR time thinking about ?

    Why should the human animal be any different, at the core of things ?

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