Popular Science’s Time Machine

Oddly enough, a photograph I took in 2007 has been chosen as one of Popular Science’s 2009 “The Year’s Most Amazing Scientific Images” (I’m #34 in the gallery).  I guess that’s because the image wasn’t widely distributed until the NY Times picked it up earlier this year.  Not that I’m complaining, of course.

My favorite image in Popular Science’s lineup is this one, a spectacular confluence of lightning and volcanic eruption captured by Carlos Gutierrez.  But there are plenty of other stunning images in the gallery.  Go see.

7 thoughts on “Popular Science’s Time Machine”

  1. tuckerlancaster

    I have a couple of questions. I am really interested in photography and ants, but am having a hard time taking good closeups. Currently I have a nikon d40 with a set of macro filters. Although I have gotten some great bug pictures with the setup, ants totally elude me. I was wondering if you had any equipment suggestions that could make my nikon more capable. I have considered a dedicated macro lens, but before I drop the cash, will it yield super closeups?

    1. Tucker,
      Alex has some articles on how he photographs (and photographed) ants.
      You should ne able to find them quite easily on this site (both in the blog-articles and the articles-section)

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