My tenure at Photo Synthesis has ended…

…and it was fun. Here are some highlights from the past week:

Here’s one bit of information that might be useful for anyone thinking about starting a blog. The ScienceBlogs network- which hosts Photo Synthesis– is driven by Moveable Type software. The Myrmecos Blog uses WordPress.  Having spent time now in both platforms, I’ve decided that I much prefer WordPress- it’s more intuitive, more flexible, and it handles images more smoothly.

This isn’t to say that blogging for ScienceBlogs was in any way unpleasant.  It wasn’t.  Moveable Type worked fine for what I needed it to do.   I just like WordPress better as a blogging application.

7 thoughts on “My tenure at Photo Synthesis has ended…”

  1. Henry W. Robison

    Thanks for sharing all your posts with us Alex at Photo Synthesis. Your photos were exquisite as usual and I really enjoyed the post about the evolution of stinging in ants. Wonderfully educational! I hope the wider exposure will allow a greater number of ant/photography/naturalist enthusiasts to experience your photographic talents. Again, we all appreciate you sharing your macro photography “secrets” with us!

  2. I’m so glad I discovered you through Scienceblogs, Alex. I love your photography, and your blogging. I’ll be following this blog now, with great interest.

    (And thanks for the wallpaper images! I’ve been looking for something like those for ages.)

  3. I have never tried Moveable Type, but I’ll second your comment about WordPress. It is the best web application I have ever use and I keep getting impressed by its flexibility.

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