I teach photography workshops through BugShot, a collaborative venture initiated by myself and other leading insect photographers. Visit the BugShot website for more details.

I also offer personalized lessons, field tours, short presentations, and other activities. [rates and details]

Upcoming events & appearances:


Please contact Alex (alwild [at] with questions, or if you’d like to arrange a private session or a public talk.

(photo by Crystal Ernst)

3 thoughts on “Workshops”

  1. Hi Alex, I am an wild life artist and love to have your permissions for a copy rights to have 1 or 2 of your beautiful images to be drawn for the winter ants ( Prenolepis Imparis )…
    Please reply me and let me know.
    Many Thanks….

  2. i have been wanting to start a colony of ants at my home but havent been able to find any queens looking to get one or two to start for free can anyone help with that

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