Long weekend celebrations

This video clip looks like it is straight off cute overload, but the sweetness is offset by Of Montreal’s dark sense of humour and heavy bass-line.  This song is Wraith Pinned to the Mist (and Other Games), from the album The Sunlandic Twins.   I wonder if somewhere a student writing a thesis on their song titles…

Have a great weekend!



We went down to the Rialto last night to catch a benefit concert by Calexico. Best show I’ve seen in ages. They pull off an unexpected blend of mariachi, folk, and straight-up rock, including a Neil Young cover featuring two full mariachi bands and a slew of guest vocalists on stage. Calexico is perhaps Tucson’s most successful troupe of local musicians, capturing the dual American-Mexican character of the city.  Watch the video, though, to see for yourself.

Missy Higgins

Jo-anne has made a project of reorienting me towards a more Australian temperament. Her tactics are subtle but persistent. If I send her off to the video store, for instance, she comes home with some Aussie movie or another.

The most insidious of her methods includes buying CDs of Australian bands and playing them until they sink into my subconscious. These are hit or miss. I’ve not become a big You am I fan. But now and again Jo-anne finds something that takes hold. One of my new favorites is Missy Higgins: