At 10:15 this morning I deactivated my facebook account. I’ve had the account for over a decade. No more.

I can no longer in good conscience participate in a company whose actions- wittingly or no- have served to increase social and political ills around the world.

What could replace the facebook-sized void, which isn’t really a void since I don’t use it much anymore anyway? I don’t know, but let’s dust off this bloggy blog.


15 thoughts on “Facebook”

  1. In all fairness Alex, there is a long list of companies, many thousand of apps, that fall into the same category. I personally think this is being blown out of proportion.

    1. Sure, but none of the other apps/companies even begin to approach facebook in the size of the user base, and hence the scope of the resulting problems.

      1. Well, there are one or two that come close. The problem is now we have a Congress entering the picture, with not enough technical knowledge, nor social media understanding to regulate an issue they don’t understand. I am curious to watch his meeting with Congress though. Hopefully not just a bunch of talking points to look good.

      2. Life and we ourselves are a problem, not Facebook. You have deactivated your account on FB – Your case. Everything gets boring with time, even watching someone else’s pictures with descriptions. Knowing your life, you can not think of anything else. Everyone has their “5 minutes” in life. I have a proposition – give up internet and photography – then you will see real life …

  2. I love that the left-most button on this post, and top-most on the “left-bar”, is to share this post on Facebook 🙂

    Instagram is also owned by Facebook. I’m not saying you need to deactivate that too, just that it’s hard to really leave the Facebook ecosystem.

  3. Glad to see you back here as I never looked at you on Facebook in the first place! I’ve missed the ant information!

  4. I quit Facebook last week as well. There were enough reasons to do this even before the latest Cambridge Analytica brouhaha, but that certainly put the last nail in the coffin for me. Hopefully, an exodus from Facebook will lead to a general renaissance in blogging.

  5. Some of us are finding a comfortable and supportive environment on the federated social network embodied by Mastodon [https://joinmastodon.org/]. There are MANY server/instances from which to choose. I have settled at mastodon.art [https://mastodon.art/@Algot], but there are instances for all sorts of personal/community focus including academic ones [https://scholar.social/about]. Communications are able to pass seamlessly between instances, though, so any solid instance is fine. You could even set up your own server! No single point of failure.

    1. I’d forgotten about Mastodon. Looked into it about 6 months ago but never really followed up. Might be worth another go.

  6. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Myrmecos! As far as we are concerned, Facebook is a largely vertebrate operation. It would surely be good for the formicid-forward among us to sever ties with such an anti-invert company!

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