A Gallery of Pollinators


It probably shouldn’t have taken ten years, but I’ve finally corralled a few of my better pollination photographs into a coherent gallery. Check it out at the link:

A Gallery of Pollinators and Pollination

The astute observer will notice I’ve put flies at the top. This is no accident. Flies are important pollinators, but as Morgan Jackson recently pointed out, they are unjustifiably neglected in favor of the more popular bees.

3 thoughts on “A Gallery of Pollinators”

  1. Fantastic. I especially like the picture you use above to introduce this gallery. I have been getting into trying my hand at insect photography, in large part inspired by what you do. I have advanced to getting a Canon T5i body to use with a set of old lenses and extension tubes. I cannot wait for some spare time this Spring to try them out.

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