Monday Night Mystery: The Grapes Of Wrath

public domain image


Tonight’s challenge is a bunch of grapes something small scanned in an electron microscope. To win points, be the first to answer the following questions correctly.

1. What is the bubbly structure at the center of the image? (2 points)
2. What is the mystery animal’s genus & species? (6 points)
3. Where are you most likely to find this animal? (2 points)
A. Chicago
B. The Amazon
C. The Everglades
D. Death Valley

The cumulative points winner across all mysteries for the month of February will win their choice of 1) any 8×10-sized print from my insect photography galleries, or 2) a guest post here on Myrmecos.

Good luck!


9 thoughts on “Monday Night Mystery: The Grapes Of Wrath”

  1. Compound eye was an informed guess, then I searched “insect eye scanning electron micrograph” in Google’s image search. After a little bit of scrolling, I recognized the same image and had an ID!

    1. Lots of parasites lose what would normally be considered a broad spectrum of adaptive morphology as they specialize for their host’s environment. They even used to call it “parasitic degeneration” with non-pc comparisons.

    1. I was thinking Betty Davis eyes; shows you what I know. Anyway, bedbugs seem to be big in movie theaters, subway cars, and city hall these days. /sarc

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