Answers to the Monday Mysteries

Papilio glaucus


I’m economizing this month by doubling up on mystery answers. Yesterday’s scaly challenge depicted the hindwing of a tiger swallowtail, Papilio glaucus, Papilionidae, and this species is least likely to be found on carrots.

6 points to Guillaume D, and 2 to MrILoveTheAnts, for being the first to correctly pick the taxonomy and the host plant questions, respectively.

For the preceding week’s Hitchhiking Conundrum, the correct answers were: Nicrophorus, the mites were Poecilochirus, the off-frame insect was a calliphorid fly whose larvae are sometimes eaten by the hitchhiking mites.

Rodolfo swept all ten points within minutes. Impressive! One consolation point goes to Ben Coulter, who found the original, uncropped image online and identified the fly as Calliphora.







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  1. I wasn’t sure if it was carrots or oak that were least likely, and figured it if was carrots, answering the same as MrILoveTheAnts wouldn’t give me any points. I’m curious though, what do you use as your source of information on larval host plants?

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