A Blank Slate

Empty specimen storage drawers at the University of Texas Insect Collection.

After some unpacking of boxes, assembling of microscopes, signing of paperworks, and drinking of coffees, I am now at the helm of Texas’s second largest insect collection. The University of Texas Insect Collection coalesced over the past decade or so largely through the efforts of my friend and photography co-conspirator John Abbott, and I feel I am borrowing the collection more than running it.

I suppose that’s always the case with biological collections, though. We hold in trust things those in the past deemed useful for their counterparts in the future.

14 thoughts on “A Blank Slate”

  1. The pitcher plant at Iron Range is Nepenthes mirabilis – it is the only species at that location and further south in the Wet Tropics. Two other species, N. tenax and N. rowaniae, also occur on far northern Cape York.
    Gary W Wilson

  2. Oh hooray for new adventures there Alex. Looking forward to hearing about your journey in Texas! And how those boxes look in another 12 months….. Kirsti

  3. James C. Trager

    Great to see you getting installed – A wonderful beginning to what I hope will be a long and rewarding time there. Best wishes!

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