The 2014 Holiday Print Sale!

I am pleased to announce the return of the annual Holiday Print Sale, now in our third year! This year’s selection features 30 favorite photographs reduced up to 70% off regular pricing. Have a look:

Holiday Print Sale- Alex Wild’s Insect Photographs

Pieces are printed by the professional Bay Photo labs using high-quality papers and archival photo inks. These are not simple posters! Bay Photo will also custom mount, mat & frame images if you choose “add frames & more” when you check out.

Why the sale? I know a portion of my photos go to students looking for something buggy to hang on their walls, and to parents of budding young entomologists, and these folks are not in the demographic that typically plays in the fine art market. So I’ve assembled an affordable gallery of some of my best known and biologically informative natural history images priced near cost. An 8×12″ print, for example, is just $9.99. I hope you enjoy them!

Dasymutilla fine art print
Dasymutilla occidentalis velvet ant; 12×18″ print on a 3/4″ standout mount. Sale price $15.99/$42.99 unmounted/mounted. (Regular $60/$120)

Sale prices extend to January 1st. If you’d like your prints to arrive by Christmas under a 3-5 day shipping option, order by December 12th.

5 thoughts on “The 2014 Holiday Print Sale!”

  1. Michael Suttkus, II

    Sadly, none of my family thinks that insect pictures constitute good gifts, which means I can’t give them and am unlikely to receive them! Honestly, some people.

    1. Indeed it did, Jim! I photographed that series in Leslie Vosshall’s lab earlier this year, so that they’d have photos to use for just that sort of purpose.

  2. Henry W. Robison

    Hi Alex:

    I had sent you an email congratulating you on moving to Texas to your new job, but me email got returned! In any event, glad you are now at UT with John Abbott. When is your next BugShot? Also congrats on the new baby! I do intend to buy a few pics that I see you have for sale. Thanks for offering them.

    Merry Christmas my dear friend! Hope to see you in 2015!


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