As you may have heard, Myrmecos Industries is moving its global headquarters from Illinois to the University of Texas/Austin. Starting in January, Mrs. Myrmecos will be a postdoctoral researcher on bee microbiomes, I will be UT’s new curator of entomology, and mini-Myrmecos will be dictating our domestic affairs and arranging the cats. We are all very excited!

With the move comes tough decisions. I have spent the past months pondering the fate of my photo business, as starting this month I will no longer be able to devote more than a few hours a week to it. By “business”, I mean the commercial side of the operation. I’m not putting down my camera, of course. That would kill me.

I have, for the present, settled on the following strategy. Effective immediately, here is what to expect in the transition.

Things that remain the same:

1. The Alex Wild Photography site will continue to receive updates and new images, as well as offering the usual prints, periodic print sales, and image licenses.
2. The BugShot workshops. Why mess with a good thing?

Things that change:

1. Private photo lessons and commissioned projects are discontinued. I may still consider the occasional request, but the timing and price will work around my new schedule.
2. My images will no longer be available via a 3rd party stock agency (Visuals Unlimited/Corbis.) Abandoning a workload-handling agency may appear counter-intuitive, but the stock industry is experiencing such turmoil that I no longer feel comfortable abrogating licensing rights when I won’t have time to monitor them as the ship sinks. Correspondingly:
3. The sole source of image licenses and permissions will be via the automated shopping cart on my website. I cannot guarantee I will have time to answer other licensing requests promptly.
4. Requests for free images may not be answered. If your intended unpaid use is explicitly covered by my image use policy, then you may proceed without prior permission. Otherwise, permission may be obtained via paid licensing on my website.

Once I am up and running in the UT collections I will reassess the state of things and adjust accordingly.