More On Pest Control Advertising: Orkin Takes The High Road

Meanwhile, Orkin- that other pest control giant- adopts a softer, more subtle marketing strategy.

Screen capture from Orkin’s website, displayed without permission as Fair Use commentary on Orkin’s marketing strategy.

Many people are reluctant to call pest control, perhaps because decades of environmentalism has softened our cultural attitude towards nature, or perhaps just out of guilt towards the wee household insects. In contrast to Terminix’s brute force fear campaign, Orkin projects a feel-good “Bugs are cool, but sometimes we do have to kill them”. I suspect this appeals to a great number of homeowners on the fence about whether they should use a commercial exterminator.

Of course, a company’s marketing front has little to do with the quality of the job they actually perform, so don’t take this as a recommendation.

(Disclosure: Orkin has purchased image licenses from me in the past, but has also used several of my photographs without permission. My relationship with the company is complicated…).

4 thoughts on “More On Pest Control Advertising: Orkin Takes The High Road”

  1. This seems less deceptive to me, and they do seem to at least identify most of the ants they have artwork for appropriately (even if they’re using renders rather than photographs for just about everything). I’m skeptical that will translate to people in the field that know what a given ant is and thus help with effective treatment, but at least somebody there seems to care a bit.

    Of course we all the even-more right way to do it is to license a complete set of real photographs from a renowned bug photographer/entomologist that can properly ID them 🙂

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  3. I think it sets a good example, regardless of the effect it’ll ultimately have. Pest control advertising doesn’t necessarily have to always be aggressive.

  4. The Orkin website is sort of tormenting me because I’ve been trying to figure out where I’ve seen that WordPress theme, and I can’t nail it down. It looks very very familiar but I just can’t place it. Anyone have any ideas?? I’ll be grateful.

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