At BugShot 2014

Where has Myrmecos gone?

We’re at BugShot 2014, an insect photography course I am co-teaching with Piotr Naskrecki and John Abbott on coastal Georgia’s beautiful Sapelo Island. I am especially excited for this one. The weather will be beautiful, the waning moon will be perfect for blacklighting, the horseshoe crabs will be out, our venue is a mansion on the coast, and we have attracted once again a diverse array of talented biologists and photographers.

If you’re missing out, don’t despair. Our next workshop is coming up in Belize this September.

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  1. Mark Sturtevant

    Wish I could be there. I hope you can do some pix of spawning horseshoe crabs — one of the most ‘primitive’ scenes imaginable. It is also worthwhile to photograph their eggs with developing embryos. I see that Piotr has such pictures online, and they are really cool.

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