Little Fire Ants Conquer Hawaii

Among the smallest but most damaging pest insects is the little fire ant Wasmannia auropunctata, a Neotropical species that has been tearing across the Pacific region. The Maui Invasive Species Committee has assembled a nice short documentary on recent problems in Hawaii:


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    1. Most bizarre about Wasmannia stings is the ants’ tendency to just wander about on you for several hours before they decide to zing you. So there you’ll be, hours in from the field, when suddenly one nails you in some random body part.

  1. I met these little ants in their native land of Cuba! They call them santanicas – little devils. They can live in the pores of wooden or concrete toilet seats.
    Strange the way animals can be so different in new ecological situations. These ants were minor annoyances on farms, (you’d learn to avoid their particular banana tree) and they didn’t bother any of the bee keepers I met. They didn’t come inside – the outhouse where I first met them had living walls and was full inside and out with flowers and vines.
    Plantago major, the common plantain weed, chewed and applied, takes away the sting instantly.

  2. First I have heard of this problem in Hawaii, but of course it makes perfect sense. Tropical. Lots of tourists coming and going. Maybe they will beat back the rats and snakes also on the islands.

  3. James C. Trager

    These are a problem for native reptiles, especially tortoises, in the Galapagos. Nasty little buggers, and essentially impossible to eradicate.

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