Once More Unto The Beach

Check this out. It’s an Odontomachus trap-jaw ant that swims:

Several other ants are known to have such aquatic ability: Polyrhachis sokolova, the Australian intertidal ant, Camponotus schmitzi, the Borneo pitcher-diving ant, and several Neotropical ponerines that live in the flood-prone Amazon. The video above is the first documentation I know of from the Philippines.

Its discoverer, Perry Buenavente, would love to tell us about the swimming Odontomachus at the upcoming IUSSI meeting in Cairns. However, the conference is insanely expensive, and most students can’t afford to register without assistance. So Perry is hoping to crowd-fund his participation on Indiegogo. If you’d like to help him out, here’s the link:


6 thoughts on “Once More Unto The Beach”

    1. I can’t afford it, either. So I’m holding a photo workshop the day before in the hopes of offsetting at least some of the ridiculously high registration fees.

  1. I commend people trying to obtain funding for their work through kickstarter projects. Still, I feel it is a sign of the many wrongs that ail universities – noone should have to fund work-related activities this way. I know of people that attempt to fund entire PhD projects through indiegogo and co.

    That said, all the best to Perry. It sounds like a very interesting topic, and I hope he attempts to publish his findings whether or not he can attend the IUSSI.

  2. Thank you very much everyone! I am sincerely appreciative of all your supports. If any of you are ever in the Philippines please do let me know so that I can return the favor and show you around good “ant-ing” spots. 🙂

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