A classic bird joke:

The final exam arrives for Ornithology 101, and students enter the classroom to find a considerably more challenging test than expected. Instead of a general written exam, the professor has set up a long table. On the table is an array of 100 bird’s feet. Just the feet, nothing else. The student’s entire grade is to be based on how many of the feet they can identify to species.

Half-way through this difficult exam, a frustrated student storms up to the front of the room and throws his crumpled up answer sheet at the professor.

“I refuse to take this exam!” yells the student. “It’s unfair, it’s impossible, I studied  hard and there is still no way I will pass. I’m going to report you to the dean.”

“What is your name, son?” demands the prof.

The student puts his foot on the professor’s desk and says, “I don’t know. You tell me.”


In the spirit of impossible feet, tonight’s mystery concerns the following:




For all 10 points, be the first person to correctly pick which of these insect feet belong to bees.

The cumulative points winner for the month of March will win their choice of:

1) A guest post here on Myrmecos
2) Any 8×10 print from my insect photography galleries
3) A myrmecos t-shirt

Good luck!

(Image credit: Sam Droege/USGS)