Dr. Eleanor’s Book Of Common Ants Of New York City


I am pleased to announce the release of the next eBook in Dr. Eleanor’s “Common Ants” series, this time covering the myrmecofauna of New York City. The book, intended as an introduction to ant biology for young people and general naturalists, is written by Eleanor Spicer Rice and Rob Dunn of the Your Wildlife group, designed by Neil McCoy, and is illustrated with  photographs by some ant guy.

What will the download cost you ?

Nothing at all. Thanks to the generous support of the National Science Foundation, we are able to make this resource freely available.


Free download at itunes

Free pdf version at yourwildlife.org

4 thoughts on “Dr. Eleanor’s Book Of Common Ants Of New York City”

  1. There are some South American Brachymyrmex that have a replete caste, thus quite a rump full of honey. It’s better than “rover ant” for these slower moving subterranean species.

    Anyway, I downloaded the new Dr. Eleanor book. I like it better than the first one, even the quirky and occasionally tangential writiting. And the illustrations are stunning, with which I believe you did have something to do, Alex.

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