Photography Workshop at IUSSI in Australia, July 13. Interested?

Oecophylla smaragdina, Cairns, Australia

For those of you attending IUSSI in July and interested in ant/wasp/bee/termite photography, it is looking  likely that I will be able to run a 1-day insect photo workshop on July 13th, in Cairns, the day before the conference begins in full. The workshop will be aimed at a novice/intermediate level, so point-and-shoot cameras are welcome.

If you are thinking you might attend, please let me know. I need an orders-of-magnitude estimate of the size of our group to begin planning a schedule and to arrange a venue and catering. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Photography Workshop at IUSSI in Australia, July 13. Interested?”

  1. Vincent Perrichot

    Alex, I am much interested. I will attend the IUSSI and I am always keen on learning about insect photography, so please count me in.

  2. Hi Alex, Im definitely going to the conference and it would be absolutely brilliant to attend a photography workshop with you! Everyone in my office is a big fan of your photos. Im currently working on Panamanian paper wasps and using a DSLR (without the interchangeable lens) to photograph them. Looking forwards to hearing from you.

  3. Hi Alex, I am a keen insect photographer (hobby) and wondered if it was possible to join your photography workshop, if not attending the conference? I work at JCU Cairns. Regards, Andrea

    1. Thanks for all your comments.

      The workshop is open to anyone, so you do not need to be attending IUSSI to sign up. Hopefully I’ll have the registration launched by March 15th, if not earlier.

      1. Awesome Alex. I’m interested. Not planning on attending conference officially, but would come up to Cairns for your workshop! Looking fwd to more details. Cheers, Kirsti.

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