Corrie Moreau on The Brain Scoop

The Chicago Field Museum’s Chief Curiosity Correspondent, Emily Graslie, talks with myrmecologist Corrie Moreau about why ants are awesome.



6 thoughts on “Corrie Moreau on The Brain Scoop”

  1. Thumbs up ! She really went all in for the grossout factor heh ! (the music was a tad cheesy, lol)

    Lots of your pix in there too…

  2. Funny, I watched in in a Mom and Pop having coffee. And the comments were some of the best from folks who could care less about ants, Would have been banned in Boston not many years ago, but provoked some good and interesting conversation among a bunch of old farts. I’d certainly welcome them doing another show !

  3. Not 100% accurate I think… at least Stigmatomma aren’t capable of trophallaxis, and I’m pretty sure there’s a few species with wingless males – though there’s enough variation in ants that coming up with any single feature that encompasses them all (and not non-ants) is probably impossible. I guess it’s close enough for general public dissemination even if it bugs me a bit 🙂

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