Photographs at are now geotagged


Want to know the precise coordinates of natural history photos at my gallery site? Thanks to recent improvements at my web host, Smugmug, if the photographs have geography metadata you may now click on a globe icon in the nav bar to view a zoomable map:


Not all photographs are geotagged yet- bear with me as I work through them. This welcome improvement should add considerable information value to the site, though.

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  1. Hi Alex, That is very cool. Do you have any photos you purposely are not going to geotag? The reason I ask is that many folks who photograph herps are reluctant to geotag or give specific locality data for photos. This is partly to protect favorite herping sites and partly to protect specific species. Thanks, Mike

    1. Hey Mike. Most insects aren’t subject to the same intensity of private collecting as are herps, except for maybe butterflies and the showier beetles. Unless I’m dealing with a rare and sought-after species, I tend to geotag.

      I do refrain from tagging photos taken at private residences, though.

    1. Congrats on the camera upgrade! But alas, the 18-55 kit lens is woefully inadequate for macro. You’ll find that most cell phones take better bug photos. If you’d like to adapt your SLR for macro work, your best options are:

      1. Get a dedicated macro lens. These are expensive, and most still aren’t very powerful. The Canon MP-E 65mm 1-5x macro is the only lens on the market that has the magnification to do this ant.
      2. Mount your kit lens on 12mm or 24mm extension tubes. This will give you moderate macro, inexpensively.
      3. Try a Raynox macro filter. This will increase magnification, at a moderate cost to image quality.

  2. I’ve always geotagged my photos and this capability has been in smugmug for many years using the “map this” feature. Glad you are finally taking advantage of it as it does add more scientific value to the images.

    There are certain snakes from Arizona I have removed the specific geotagging from for the very reasons Mike B. mentioned. I still list the general location such as mountain range in the caption because that is well known.

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