Answer to the Monday Mystery

Cephalotes rohweri, Tucson, AZ

You did well with last night’s turtle ant challenge.

Based on the saguaro cactus, the header photo must have been taken in the Sonoran desert. Only one Cephalotes species occurs there: C. rohweri, or #2 in the list. 6 points go to Danny MacDonald for being the first to pick the correct mystery ant from the lineup. Additional points go to Zestin (2 points) and to KMS (2 points) for picking C. atratus and C. clypeatus as species that lack a discrete, differentiated soldier caste. I’m also awarding Jon 1 consolation point for extra footwork in naming the other 9 species.


7 thoughts on “Answer to the Monday Mystery”

      1. Are you sure that’s a ‘sugar ant’? If that was a Monday night mystery, I’d be punting on an undescribed species of Polyrhachis Campomyrma.

  1. I’m thrilled with my one point! It might bring me up to two lifetime on Myrmecos, which will probably rank right up there with my phd at the end of the day.

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