9 thoughts on “If you’re going to fail at taxonomy, you may as well fail big.”

  1. Thanks for that link Alex. Those thick clumps of droopy leaves on the near side of the tree are mistletoe, most likely Box Mistletoe, Amyema miquelii (Family Loranthaceae).

  2. That’s lovely! It immediately brought to mind the imaginary panic during the naming of the ‘Rainbow Mantis Shrimp’, which is also none of the three.

    “What IS that?”
    “I have NO idea, just throw some words on it and see what sticks”

    1. Err. . peacock mantis shrimp. Rainbow mantis shrimp would be even more of a taxonomy fail, since now we’ve gone from matter to energy.

      I do occasionally get the right names for things! Really!

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