Answer to the State out of Place: Kentucky

Danaus plexippus
Yesterday’s challenge was guessed quickly by Joe Lapp over on facebook, who was the first to finger Kentucky as the odd state out for reasons of having a Viceroy, rather than a Monarch butterfly, as their official state insect. I admit it. I admire Kentucky for standing strong behind a less popular insect.

Joe wasn’t the first to figure out the question was about state insects, however. That was Morgan Jackson, who should probably avoid Minnesota until this thing blows over. So I’m awarding 5 points each to Morgan and to Joe.

As consolation, one point each goes to katherine, Ainsley, KMS, Alexander Mohn, Mike Levalley, and Tim Eisele for providing alternate correct answers for how various other states might have distinguished themselves from the crowd.

Finally, I’m giving a point to Will Holz for pointing out an epic taxonomy fail on the part of Mexico’s central bank:


Seriously. You’re printing money, bank people. How hard would it be to print just an extra couple notes and hire a fact-checker?

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