Answer to the Monday Mystery Nests

Crematogaster carton nest, South Africa.


Goodness, it’s already Saturday and I haven’t answered the Monday Mystery! Sorry to keep you hanging. The correct answers to Monday’s Challenge are:

A=5 Oecophylla longinoda (South Africa)
B=1 Pogonomyrmex occidentalis (California)
C=3 Pheidole bergi (Argentina)
D=6 Camponotus termitarius (Argentina)
E=2 Crematogaster sp. (South Africa)
F=4 Atta vollenweideri (Argentina)

Points are awarded as follows: 10 to Rodolfo for getting all the correct answers first, while 1 consolation point each goes to Igor Nascimento, Sanford Porter, Cody Cutter Cardenas, and MrILoveTheAnts for providing more specific location/taxonomic information.

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