11 thoughts on “More Fun with iStockphoto”

  1. Well said, Greg, but here goes…
    Not Myrmica rubra. The ant in the picture is a Lasius (in subfamily Formicinae, none of which can sting), perhaps L. umbratus
    In any case, Myrmica rubra is not a fire ant – properly, a species of the Solenopsis saevissima group – though sometimes called “Northern (or European) fire ant”.
    The “eggs” are pupae in cocoons and the pupae pictured appear to include at least both males and workers. Pupae of neither of the above-mentioned myrmicine ants (nor of any others in subfamily Myrmicinae) are in cocoons, rather they are always naked.

    1. Ah, I would have gotten the others, but not the fact that Myrmicinae species are never in cocoons. I am woefully ignorant about such specifics pertaining to ant natural history…

  2. It is good to criticize iStock photos. I have a textbook that uses this resource for many of its pictures. There are several blatant errors, and it is hard to believe the authors, editor, and text reviewers did not spot them.

  3. Michael Suttkus, II

    ZERO! I can spot zero errors! Ha, I correctly guessed the number of errors I could spot, do I get a prize?

    (Strictly speaking, I did spot that those were pupae, not eggs, but that’s not as funny.)

  4. Fire ants are not Myrmica rubra, and Myrmica rubra doesn’t have cocoons, and the ant in picture is probably a Lasius, for the cocoon shape and the ant color…

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