Myrmecos Goes to Austin – Entomological Society of America Meeting 2013

EntSoc Souvenirs
A selection of fine art photographs available at the Alex Wild Photography booth in the ESA exhibit hall, located on the corner next to the poster sessions. Click to see the full set.

If there is one single event that generates buzz among insect scientists (ha, ha), it’s the annual Entomological Society of America meeting. This year’s conference, held next week in Austin, Texas,  is rumored to be the largest ever. Over 3,000 people are expected to share their latest research, trade tips on field and lab methods, and hunt for new jobs, new students, new employees, and new collaborators. ESA is also tremendous fun, a place to meet like-minded bug nerds and catch up with old friends.

The hashtag- of course there is a hashtag- is #EntSoc13.

The Austin meeting will be a first for me. Not my first ESA- I’ve been many times as student and researcher- but my first time as a professional photographer. I have rented a booth in the exhibitor area.

A booth means I have a fixed place where people can find me to chat about ants, photography, or even ant photography. And I’ll be easy to find. That’s me in #123, the corner stall next to the posters:


If you’re at the meeting, and I know many readers of this blog will be, please feel free to drop in and introduce yourself.

I am also bringing a few items to sell, hoping to offset the not-insignificant cost of renting the space:

In addition to my swag, the famous Ainsley Seago will have some of her wares in my booth, including limited-edition Thripster t-shirts and some snazzy coloring books. Don’t be shy about stopping by.

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  1. Our lab (Chapman, MUN) all have the Thripster shirts and they are amazing!! Love your work and wish I was going to be at the conference to check out the booth!

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