3 thoughts on “An Ant for Movember”

  1. I like the description on antweb of the feature too – “clypeal pompons”. From previous experience I know that my clypeal pompons are nowhere near as impressive though, so I’ll continue shaving…

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  3. Alfred Buschinger

    Bearded Tit, Panurus biarmicus, is a European little bird (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bearded_Reedling ).
    The title of my contribution in the Ameisenforum, “Bartmeise”, is a play on words: often German antkeepers call their ants “Meisen” (titmice) instead of “Ameisen”. – I’m surprised how fast the Pingback has worked!
    But now I would like to know, Myrmecos, whether the “ant for M o v e m b e r” is just a typo, or another play on words? 😉

    A. Buschinger

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