Gigantiops destructor

I’m loving the new large format of the blog, so here’s a large-format ant, Gigantiops destructor:

Gigantiops destructor has the largest eyes of ant species

Best scientific name ever. Except for the minor detail that in life, this insect seems far too shy to merit such a title.

More photos in the gallery.

9 thoughts on “Gigantiops destructor”

  1. There are many ants I favor, but this one vies for top position.
    And, I’m sure the forest floor arthropods upon which this ant literally leaps to capture would think, if they could speak, that the name was appropriate. Note saltatorial hind legs – I suppose it also might have been called “G. saltator”.

  2. I always spend more time looking at Gigantiops in the stereoscope than to others. So much interesting stuff one single animal. The species isn’t included in any of the molecular works. Any ideas of its relations to other formicinae genera?

  3. Dang, look at those compound eyes! This is new to me. An ant that can probably see images? And it can jump? **Shudder**.

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