Sunday Night Movie: Attenborough on Orb Weaving

Apparently we’re in the month of Arachtober, leaving me no choice but to share this clip of David Attenborough narrating the construction of a spider’s orb web.

For a somewhat lighter version, there’s always this.

(Attenborough clip from Life in the Undergrowth)

7 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: Attenborough on Orb Weaving”

  1. Lovely. I have watched this process many times. In my younger years I would keep various species as pets, either outdoors or loose in my room. Web building behavior must be among the most elaborate programmed behaviors of an individual arthropod.

  2. Videos are fine and there are outstanding books about spiders, but everybody should take the time to watch a big orb weaver do her stuff outside. I certainly hope that kids are seeing natural wonders like this and not just being flogged through prep for standardized tests.

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