Off to Belize

Azteca guards pin down an army ant that has invaded their territory. Belize.

Why is the blog so quiet?

I am at our tropical insect photography workshop for the week, exploring the arthropods of Belize’s Cayo district with a group of like-minded macrophotographers. Stay tuned for new photos…


4 thoughts on “Off to Belize”

  1. Time and time again i dont think i will ever be less than impressed with your photos. Every single time i visit your blog and see a photo i love it. The definition and detail is so amazing. It honestly makes me emotional. Keep it up Mr. Wild your doing great things.

  2. Did you see the mites on the legs of the 3 in the lower left? Looks like the same genus (Oplitis) as the ones that you photographed on Lasius alienus.

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