3 thoughts on “Myrmecos: The Interview”

  1. This was a great interview. I have been following your blog for almost two years now and it’s great to know the “back story” on how and why you photograph what you do the way you do it. I had thought about going down the path of photography early on in my life but never thought I would be able to support myself from stock photography alone. It sounds like common sense now, but when you discussed how your background helps you photograph because it helps to truly know your subject, it was definitely an “Ah Ha!” moment.

    Thank you for putting in all the time and energy of keeping up a blog site that sparks thought on multiple levels. I am not sure what you get out of it, but for me, it is extremely educational.

  2. Thanks, guys!

    Greg- the economic value of my work seems about 80% from subject matter (basically my technical training) and only 20% from the art of it. Still, it’s not easy to make a living from stock. Indeed, my income only derives partly from stock licensing. A large chunk comes from teaching photography in private lessons and public workshops, and a smaller amount comes from sales of prints. I don’t think anyone would do this for the money- it’s very up and down, and averages to something like a schoolteacher’s pay.

    I’m not sure what I get out of blogging either, but I enjoy it, and it gives me an excuse to keep up with the technical literature.

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