Ant Link Roundup

Pseudomyrmex boopis, from Belize.

I needed an excuse to post this Pseudomyrmex photograph in our new extravagantly wide format, so I figured a random ant link roundup would do:

Did I miss anything?

10 thoughts on “Ant Link Roundup”

  1. As for the well-named Camponotus mirabilis, I imagine the long face is related to life as a bamboo-nesting specialist. Some neat ref’s:

    and Davidson et al. 2006, Unveiling a Ghost of Amazonian Rain Forests: Camponotus mirabilis, Engineer of Guadua Bamboo (look this one up on Gscholar – the link seems to only work intermittently)

  2. Don’t have any other contact address.

    The light-green color for part of your text in the new format is very difficult to read. At a minimum select a dark green if used on a white background.

    Always enjoy your blog.

  3. Here’s one!

    Unless I interpreted this incorrectly, M.symmetochus protects S.amabilis with a confuse attack. (Nature always comes up with the best MMO powers first!)

    There’s no mention it in the article, but if you watch the video they mention the fact that the M.symmetochus defeats the G.bartmani invaders by using a chemical compound that ruins their detection mechanisms, causing them to kill each other instead.

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